Four-Course Wine & Cocktail Pairing.
Dinner with a screening of LEGRAND.

Please don't drink and drive. Book a room and stay with us, or have a designated driver.

Legrand Movie Description:

In a land where nothing comes easy except for death and betrayal, one young man is faced with a decision: to fight for his life and the survival of his name, or to run! Unlikely alliances will guide him through trials showing him the true meaning of friendship, loyalty, honor, and even death. After the ruthless slaying of his father, young Legrand is left with no choice but to fight for, protect, and carry on a legacy that he was not born into but destined for.


  • Benefit Dinner for the John Wayne Cancer Foundation
  • Limited Seating
  • Wayne Family Estates
  • Bourbon / Tequila - Duke Spirits
  • Meet and greet with Ethan Wayne and Ben Christensen, and learn about the movie's filming from them.
  • The movie premiere includes special movie outtakes. 


Red Cliffs Lodge