We launch our rafts onto the Colorado River at Hittle Bottom backed by an astounding view of magnificent Fisher Towers. Calm waters on the first part of journey provide relaxation and some time to learn about the unique geology of Castle Valley. After you're accustomed to the river and ready for some fun, you'll hear whitewater just around the bend - Onion Creek Rapid. The excitement continues with Professor Creek, Cloudburst with plenty of time to relax and swim in between. Trip ends above Rocky Rapid. This is an ideal rafting trips for families, couples and groups. Paddle your own craft with paddle rafts or inflatable kayaks.
Rafting is mild class I and II whitewater rafting. Trip is the first 7 mile stretch of the Full-day Colorado River rafting trip. Great for short, half-day adventure and families. Minimum age: 5 years old.


  • Mild Class I-II whitewater
  • Spectacular Western scenery
  • Includes transportation to and from the river


Moab, Utah


  •  Transportation to and from the river, hotel pickup available upon request
  •  Lifejackets, rafting equipment and professional guides
  • Water and snacks

What to Bring

  • Plenty of sunscreen
  • Hat
  • Waterproof camera

What to Wear

  • Clothing to get wet. Quick-drying clothing is recommended.
  • Sandals with straps, water or tennis shoes.

Additional Information

  • Everything you bring with you on the river will get wet. 
  • Please leave any valuable items in your hotel, vehicle, or leave them with us when you check-in for your trip.
  • Cell phones are not recommended unless they're in a protective case or bag (available for purchase at our meeting location).
  • Minimum age is 5
  • Minimum weight is 50 lbs.
  • Maximum chest size: 52"

Other Restrictions

If you are pregnant, you will not be permitted to go rafting.  Our trips take place in remote wilderness settings where access to advanced medical care can be hours away (possibly overnight), and conditions such as extreme heat and vigorous activity can amplify the discomfort and aggravate any known or unknown conditions.

Please remember that, you will not always be pregnant, but the river will always be here.  We do not believe it is worth the risk, no matter how early you are in your pregnancy. We think moms are special and hope you understand.

If you become pregnant after already having a reservation, please contact our office and we’ll arrange a full refund of your trip fare.

Minimum Trip Capacity

River trips require 6 guests total to make the trip go out. Be sure to check the full-day to see if any guests are booked.